I am JOEL O. AQUINO, 34 years old living in Manila, Philippines.

I believe that every person in the world should be financially literate to be able to survive in the harsh effect of poverty. That is the reason why I stopped studying in college because my family could not support my college tuition fee and other expenses anymore. But that was more than a decade ago.

Some of the famous college drop outs: 

Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft
Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook
Michael Dell, founder of Dell Inc.

I worked for a few business process outsourcing companies from 2004- 2014. The longest stay I had was with my last company for almost 8 years. I started there as a customer care specialist then I transferred to the sales department 2 years after.

I began loving sales because of my frustration in handling difficult calls when I was with the customer care department. If you are aware of the ‘call center agents’ woes, yes we had these metrics to maintain including customer satisfaction. Most of the time I was not hitting it. I was put under strict monitoring where we need to check on my week on week improvement. Fortunately, I was able to control my scores and that led my transfer to sales right after hitting it. I was really grateful for that turn of events.

Before my sales stint, I was reading books borrowed from my company’s library. It’s about business, financial growth, success and personal and career development. That actually opened my eyes to the reality that MONEY IS IN SALES.

Life with sales was really great. We had many sales incentives being given away, first were appliances then everything was converted into cash as agreed upon by all the salesmen on the floor. We chat, email, and talk on the phone with the customer to make a sale. That opportunity is not easy to find elsewhere even today. We Love Earning Money. ❤ ❤ ❤

However,  a sudden shocking news was announced. The company was shifting gears. It was a short notice that we were going to stop operation at the end of August, 2014, technically.


I am the one in blue together with my business partner Raymon Garcia who introduced the business to me.

Fortunately, my former supervisor, from that last company, Raymon introduced to me the business in 2013.  It took me sometime to say, “YES to the BUSINESS.” I also joined another network marketing company before, prior to Royale,  but it did not take off because I did not have the luxury of time then to study the business.

Upline Raymon signed me up in December, 2013. It took me many months to earn aside from retailing because I was also busy with my first love, filmmaking. I did not realize that in the course of time money was running out and it did.

I don’t want to go back to the rat race, to the 9am- 5pm type of work. 

It is really important to stick to your dreams every single minute of a day. The power is in your finger tips.

Right. Our business should now be present online. If you don’t you are missing its many advantages. That is why are you are reading this. It is not an accident. It is meant to be. 

Jerome Cruz, the number one Royale multimillionaire today, with his Ferrari.

I am now a full-pledged Royale independent distributor.

I believe that the business system will help me and my family rise from the mud. Like our top Royale business partner, Mr. Jerome Cruz (photo above) we deserve a Quality Life and a Quality Time with our Love Ones.

I am confident that You will join the business because it offers a great platform for us to stand above the rest. The business is a life changer, I witnessed it myself.

I am dreaming and working for my short term dreams among which is to have this vehicle, a white Ford Everest:


To be among the next batch of Executive Circle (Royale’s elite group of independent distributors who earned at least One Million Pesos):

Executive Circle

This is a company that makes Ordinary People become EXTRAORDINARY entrepreneurs.

Here are the few Royalista members who are now leaders who have risen from the ruck.

Arnel Salazar & his Lamborghini. He was a construction worker. He was the top earning Royalista in the previous years. 

Arnel Salazar

Edcel Flores. and his Jaguar. He was a store clerk for National bookstore before. He used to paint tombs as well. 

Lean Pao Carvajal, nursing graduate. He owns a Chevy Camaro and a real estate worth millions in Baguio City. 

Enrique Ocampo, Executive Circle. Business leader in Davao City. He hardly found a job before because of height. 

Alexandra Sato, youngest Royale millionaire at 15. High school student. 


They are just among the few successful Royale members who proved to themselves that it is POSSIBLE.

To Join Royale Business Club International please fill out the form with your contact info so we can reach out to you as soon as possible. Royale Business Club is a global business with offices in  Singapore, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates-Dubai and soon to open in Abu Dhabi, Qatar, London and Korea.



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